Head of Amphipolis excavations: There is no fourth chamber

29/10/2014 - Ειδήσεις - Τελευταία Νέα

The Macedonian Institute bestowed archaeologist and head of the excavations at Kasta Tomb in Amphipolis Katerina Peristeri on Tuesday with…

In her speech, Peristeri referred to the Amphipolis tomb saying that “if the tomb has indeed been looted, that means that someone very important, a very significant personality, was buried there and the grave robbers of the ancient years would not have left it untouched, but nobody really knows what he may find” she said among others.

Regarding the process of the excavation works at Kasta Hill, Peristeri clarified that “there is no other chamber” adding that “what we said on the existence of a fourth chamber had not been proved. We had said that the excavation would prove whether another chamber existed or not. We are working in the third chamber and we are waiting to see what it will show us.”

Asked on how she explains the finding of parts of the sphinxes inside the third chamber, Peristeri said “There are many mysteries awaiting for us to solve them after the completion of the excavation and after the research work. It is difficult to say anything before the research is completed. We need time.”

At a query when we will know the identity of the dead buried in the tomb, Peristeri said that “the excavation will show the identity of the dead.”
The head of Amphipolis excavations also said to ANA-MPA on a possible existence of a a hatch door on the third chamber’s floor “many things have been said, but, for our excavation, we can say nothing if we do not touch it with our own hands first.”

Peristeri was awarded for her total offer to the cultural and scientific work with crown the recent excavation in Amphipolis which constitutes a key for the strengthening and enrichment of the Macedonian historic truth.

In her address she thanked all entitites that contribute to the excavation and particularly the Culture ministry and referred to the “magic” of archaeology. “Archaeologic is always magic and is always a voyage to the unkown. We never know what will hide and what will reveal the next day. That’s the only truth, never to get dissappointed and always be optimistic that we will find beautiful things.”

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